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Reiki is a form of Energy Medicine in which the practitioner channels the healing energy through their own body and sends it into yours. Reiki has been used for over a hundred years and is now being practiced in hospitals across the nation. This energy is loving, comforting, and balancing. It gives your body what it needs to heal itself.


Reiki+ Energy Reading

This Reiki session is best for those who want to relax, bring the body back to a state of harmony and balance, and release any energetic cords or blocks that may be present. Each session is approx. 90 min.

Investment: $233

Trauma Release Reiki

Trauma Release Reiki utilizes all the techniques Faye uses in her signature trauma release session, but instead of Hypnosis, we use Reiki to calm and bring comfort to the body. Each session is approx. 90 min.

Investment: $233

Reiki Treatment
Spiral Stairs


HypnoReiki combines the potential for accelerated change aspect of Hypnotherapy with all the energy healing and comfort of Reiki. This is truly a one of a kind experience. Each session is approx. 90 min. in length.

Investment: $233

Amy H. Utah

"I had a reading and Shamanic healing done here, by Faye.She was absolutely amazing! She knew things about me that she couldn’t possibly know without possessing awesome and genuine intuitive gifts. I received valuable insights about myself and what I need to focus on regarding my particular path at this time. The healing was amazing as well! Both were very much needed.I’m also very picky about whom I allow to give me readings and healings, being a sensitive empath, but I felt very comfortable the moment I walked into this place." 
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