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Are you ready to Transform?

When we work together, I'm here for you, every step of the way

The Process

During our initial assessment we'll be looking at:

  • exactly where you are right now vs. where you want to be

  • your programming vs. your authentic self

  • what needs to be released vs. what needs to be drawn in

  • what stepping outside of the matrix of limiting beliefs looks like for you

  • obstacles that need to be overcome

  • steps that need to be taken

When you work with me as your Clairvoyant Coach, we cut right to the chase, no wasting time here. My goal is maximum efficiency with minimal effort (there will still be work for you to do of course!) as we move you into a state of thriving.


We work with ALL of you; mind, body, emotions, and Spirit.

I help you organize your mind, your day, and your life. We find the time to do the work and propel you into your power.

All the information gathered will be utilized for the creation of your new blue print. From this blue print, we will create a strategy with practical steps that you will take to get you to your goal. I will help you take those steps but you have to do the work.

The rest of our time is spent implementing that strategy. All the services I offer will be available to be utilized to aid in implementation.


We will meet face to face (in person or zoom) once a week with regular check-ins via txt.  


Areas we can work on include:

Mental & Physical Health

Intuitive Gifts and abilities



Life Purpose & Career

Spirituality and Inner Peace


I've been working with Faye for almost a year now and can honestly say that she has changed my life! 


I have had a lifetime of abuse and trauma, and many, many years of treatments through all types of therapy methods and medications. The hypnosis and other techniques that Faye employs cuts directly to the source of problems and alleviates the root cause of issues, instead of simply masking them. 


She has taught me a lot, too, in terms of spirituality that has gone way beyond helping my past issues, and has enriched my life tremendously. Her kind and gentle spirit is obvious from the first encounter and I knew immediately that I could trust her with my most intimate life details and struggles.


She has been a tremendous gift to me and I cannot recommend her enough for anyone looking to solve complex emotional problems or just to connect with the spiritual world more deeply."

Jen M. Ohio

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