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Welcome Home
to your Clarity,
Growth, & Healing.


Hello Beautiful Soul

My name is Faye 

I'm here to be your guide.

I'm a professional Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Teacher & Practitioner, and founder of The Sedona Reiki School.

When you work with me, we become a team working together for your Best and Highest good.

I work with my clients intuitively, utilizing various tools and techniques, including but not limited to:


Spiritual and Medical Intuitive Readings & Guidance, Hypnotherapy Plus,

Holographic Memory Release, Hypnoreiki, Somatic EMDR, Inner child and shadow work, Manifestation Magic, and more.


Are you ready to Heal, Step into your Power & Manifest your Magic?

3 Ways to work with Faye


Individual Session

This includes Intuitive Psychic Readings, Hypnotherapy+ and other alternative therapies including trauma release, energy work & Reiki.

Our focus is for the individual session booked only. No strings attached.

If you would like more support after a session- you book another session and we  talk  then. 


Personalized Container

Here we create a personalized blue print for your metamorphosis. We choose a goal and make a plan. You see me once a week  and together we progressively move you towards your goal.


If you have  questions or would like more support after our calls, you text me.


Reiki Certification

Spend the day with Faye and earn your in-depth Reiki Certification through the Sedona Reiki School.

You'll laugh, you might cry, you'll learn how to heal yourself and others, you'll release limitations through ritual, and much more.

The best part? It'll be fun!

All Sessions offered in Sedona
and online


Sedona Reiki School

Join a growing community of Healers and change makers where you can:

    Expand your Intuitive and Healing abilities

    Learn how to heal yourself and others

    Start your own healing business

Individual Services





Energy Healing


Colby V. California

“Faye is a terrific and remarkable healer who has helped me and my friends in so many ways. Her services are truly amazing. After my sessions with her, I feel great, have better clarity of purpose, and gain vital alignment with myself and the world.
To anyone reading this and wondering if these services are for them, I say: YES! They are and you should definitely try out these programs. "
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