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Are you ready to Re-imagine, Re-program and SHIFT into the more expanded version of you? 

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You Expanded is here to tell you that, yes, it is possible to reprogram the mind, heal, transform, access your super consciousness, and get into alignment. It may take some work to get there and that’s ok. 


Beneath all of the human conditioning, cultural programming and emotional baggage is the authentic you; the happy, healthy, confident you is already there, waiting to be set free. 


The truth is that you are far more powerful than you realize and stepping into that power as the creator may be one of the most important things you'll do in this lifetime.

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During your reading with Faye, she will communicate with your higher self and spirit guides as she uses her psychic abilities to read you on the different levels of mind, body, and spirit. At your request Faye can also read into just about any situation, conflict, person, place, or thing (including root causes).


The purpose of each session is to relay messages of wisdom, comfort, advice, and guidance.

Did you know that your brain is like a supercomputer?

All your programming, limitations, stories, patterns, and triggers are stored at the level of the subconscious mind, which makes
up about 95% of the mind.

Most people are only using 5% of their potential.

Your subconscious mind also represents unlimited potential which is usually untapped and unused. 

Hypnotherapy allows us to tap in.

Did you know that at the quantum level everything in the universe is vibrating and oscillating energy. Nothing is actually solid. 

Did you also know that your body is made up of atoms, and that atoms are  vortices of energy? Your physical body itself is a vortex of energy.

Energy healing has the ability to bring all of your vibrating cells into a state of balance, creating a harmonious vibration within your mind, body, and spirit.

Home: Workshops & Retreats
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