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Intuitive Readings

Faye's readings are for: guidance, clarity, problem solving, help with making decisions, looking at future probabilities, greater understanding of soul purpose, spiritual gifts and abilities, career, health and healing, relationships, wealth and abundance.


Faye's readings are not for: entertainment, reading your fortune, predicting your future, spying on other people, or groups.


Please Note: Although spirits do oftentimes come through, Faye does not offer strictly mediumship readings. 


Spiritual Intuitive

30 Min. $111, 60 Min. $155

Discover your potential and start living your best life with the help of an Intuitive Reading.

Faye's readings offer guidance on your life purpose, career, relationships, spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities, and more.

If you're looking to raise your awareness, or receive direction and guidance, this is for you.

It is best if you have an intention and questions you would like to have answered.

Medical Intuitive

60 Min. $222, 90 Min. $311

During this session Faye will use her psychic abilities to scan your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. She will look into the organs and systems of your body and also talk to your body with the goal of discovering the root cause of whatever it is that you are dealing with.

Reiki will be utilized to calm the body and release any blocks which may be present.

There will be a Q&A at the end where Faye will share with you all of her findings, make suggestions based on those findings, and answer any questions you may have. The ultimate goal is always to bring about a

Benefits of this session:

  • Deeper sense of peace and understanding.

  • Determine the root cause of whatever it is you are dealing with

  • Identify any blocks you may have to healing

  • Discuss natural healing modalities that are ideal for you personally

  • Understand the power you have to bring healing to yourself at the deeper levels and ways you can begin doing that


Please note: Faye is not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat any illness or dis-ease. This session is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor prior to taking any advice or suggestions presented to you during the session.


Numerology Reading

60 Min. $177

Let's imagine your soul as the architect of your life and that architect created a blueprint that would list your life purpose, deepest desires, how you will be perceived, how you need to express yourself, your contribution to the world, the challenges you will face, your karmic lessons, and your gifts, talents, and abilities.

This blue print shows us your authentic self, who you are underneath all the layers of conditioning and programming. 

This blue print is your numerology chart. In a numerology reading we dive into your personal chart and go over all the things. During this reading you can also ask any questions you might have just like in an intuitive reading.

Numerology Reports


A numerology report is 20-30 page emailed report that Faye will create for you based on your numerology chart.

Reports can be purchased in addition to a numerology reading or as a stand alone. 

Faye offers two reports:

  • Yearly Forecast. This report gives you a forecast of the next 12 months in detail along with information about your path, essence, transits, dualities, cycles, and pinnacles. 

  • Relationship Profile. This report will compare important characteristics between you and your partner. It notes the similarities and differences in your personality, interests, and the way you approach romance, social situations, and other important issues.


Please note: these reports do not include a live reading.


Holly H. Arizona

What an amazing session with Faye! She was incredible!! 


She validated many assumptions I felt, helped me to formulate a plethora of new ideas/possibilities from the Akashic Records she accessed, and was able to relay messages from my Heavenly hosts! 


It was PROFOUND and left me buzzing with direction!"

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