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Hypnotherapy & Transformation

With Hypnotherapy we address the subconscious mind which makes up about 95% of your mind. The subconscious mind is what holds all of our associations, triggers, patterns, programs, beliefs, expectations, traumas, wounds, fears, and perceptions. By accessing the 95% we can create new associations, patterns, beliefs and expectations; release the attachment to traumas, wounds, fears, and shift perceptions. 

Each single session will run between 1.5-2hrs. 


Initial session investment: 297


Packages available upon inquiry

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Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic Hypnotherapy is used to address areas such as sports enhancement, letting go of bad habits, past life regression, acceptance, building confidence and self-worth, childbirth, getting ready for surgery, and more.

Trauma Release

While trauma affects all aspects of life, it's the body that keeps the score. In trauma release we work with the body somatically to gently address the root of trauma by looking at it as blocks stored in the body. We systematically address the blocks that the mindbody is ready to release; bringing love and understanding to that aspect of self that was frozen in time and then we bring that aspect of self back into the present.


Reprogram Me

The brain is like a computer and just like a computer, we have programs running in the background 24/7 effecting how we operate, how we perceive life, and even the thoughts we think. By opening up and accessing our programming (aka your subconscious mind), we can become our own programmers, consciously choosing what is effecting how we live our lives and what we experience.

Jeane C. Illinois

“I had a hypnotherapy session with Faye. She is soothing, calm and empathic. She is also very well educated and knowledgeable, she took the time to teach me about the brain and how hypnotherapy works and to answer all of my questions. She really helped me uncover something that was negatively affecting my life that I would never have figured out on my own. When it entered my consciousness it made perfect sense. I look forward to doing more sessions with Faye, trying some of the other therapies she offers. "
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