intuitive hypnotherapy



This session is about Empowerment. Following a closer review of beliefs held in mind, body and spirit, we will work on releasing negative patterns held in the subconscious mind and then build new positive foundational beliefs to create a new you, in line with your true self. This is particularly beneficial for creating new positive habits, positive thinking, manifesting the life you desire and finding direction and true purpose.         Take the QUIZ to see if you can be hypnotized. 



The name says it all. Would you like to know more about who you were and what you may have done in another lifetime? Would you like to draw from the wisdom of a past life (and/or parallel reality) and bring those gifts, talents and abilities into your current now? Do you have unexplained phobias or tendencies that you believe may have carried over from a past life experience? With Past Life Regression we can do all of that and more.



With trauma release our aim is to safely and gently release memories locked away at the cellular level. When a trauma occurs and is subsequently unresolved, it creates an emotional block and trigger which can affect anything and everything about our day to day lives. Our techniques include: HMR, MER, EFT, and Inner Child Healing.



Know Thyself is the theme of Soul Mapping. This session is for those of you who are tired of the hamster wheel and ready to dive into the deeper meaning of life.


Would you like to: Know yourself at the soul level and live your life on purpose? Discern between the voice of your higher self and that of your ego? Stop living a mundane existence and start exploring the magic that life has to offer? Then this is for you.



Hypno Reiki sessions offer the combined healing energies of reiki and hypnotherapy to bring you into a deeper state of relaxation and direction. This session will help your body restore and melt away tension and anxiety guide you on your path to well-being.



Did you know that the average person spends 95% of their day on autopilot, simply repeating the same old patterns, programs, and behaviors? The subconscious mind is programmed to stay the same because that is considered safe and comfortable. If you are ready to make a shift and know what you would like to change, reprogramming will be the quickest way to do it. Using a combination of Hypnosis and mindset training, this session enables you to consciously choose the programs that are running your life.



In this session, we journey to re-parent the inner child to give that part of you what it needed all along. When we re-parent, we can enable the release of trauma stored at the cellular memory, grow beyond codependency, and embrace empowerment. In doing so, we foster self-worth, self-love, and self-confidence.



When addressing weight control, we take a different approach. We view excess weight as simply being a symptom, not the actual problem in and of itself. 


Releasing excess weight is really about releasing excess emotional baggage, unhealthy core beliefs, and unkind self-talk. We go for root cause. 


There are many programs out there that will promise near instant results by putting you on a diet and a strict workout plan. 

This way of going about it may work for a very short period of time but results are almost always reversed. If we simply put a band-aid on without addressing a much deeper underlying wound, that underlying wound is going to make itself known again. It isn’t going to go away until it is addressed. 


We will focus on the mental body, emotional body, and physical body. Here are some areas we will address: 


·      Programming and self-talk to get you to the point where you can communicate with your body.


·      Emotional release and self-love to get you to the point where you can accept and love your body as it is right now.


·      Eating habits and movement in a way that will incorporate a new and long-lasting shift into a healthy lifestyle. 


A beautiful thing starts to happen when we focus on healing at the deeper layers, the weight will start to take care of itself in surprising ways.