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I've been working with Faye for almost a year now and can honestly say that she has changed my life!


I have had a lifetime of abuse and trauma, and many, many years of treatments through all types of therapy methods and medications. The hypnosis and other techniques that Fae employs cuts directly to the source of problems and alleviates the root cause of issues, instead of simply masking them.


She has taught me a lot, too, in terms of spirituality that has gone way beyond helping my past issues, and has enriched my life tremendously. Her kind and gentle spirit is obvious from the first encounter and I knew immediately that I could trust her with my most intimate life details and struggles.

She has been a tremendous gift to me and I cannot recommend her enough for anyone looking to solve complex emotional problems or just to connect with the spiritual world more deeply. -Jenn M. Ohio, USA

What an amazing session with Faye! She was incredible!!


She validated many assumptions I felt, helped me to formulate a plethora of new ideas/possibilities from the Akashic Records she accessed, and was able to relay messages from my Heavenly hosts!


It was PROFOUND and left me buzzing with direction! -Holly H. Arizona, USA

I had a reading and Shamanic healing done here, by Faye.She was absolutely amazing! She knew things about me that she couldn’t possibly know without possessing awesome and genuine intuitive gifts. I received valuable insights about myself and what I need to focus on regarding my particular path at this time. The healing was amazing as well! Both were very much needed.I’m also very picky about whom I allow to give me readings and healings, being a sensitive empath, but I felt very comfortable the moment I walked into this place. It’s very welcoming, but also calming.I highly recommend this place!

-Amy H. Utah, USA

I never expected a past life regression to take me to another planet!


Exploring the root origins of my soul has brought clarity to my mission and purpose in this life in powerful ways I never could have expected. I now know myself deeply and that knowledge has changed everything. -Michael B. California, USA

Faye is a light that shines brightly!


I found her after setting an intention. She is truly a gift - her energy is crystalline, pure, powerful and accurate.


If you want to know about your true purpose right now and what potential you hold, Faye is the one. From one starseed to another, she's the real deal! -Sheela M. UK

Faye is a terrific and remarkable healer who has helped me and my friends in so many ways. Her services are truly amazing. After my sessions with her, I feel great, have better clarity of purpose, and gain vital alignment with myself and the world. To anyone reading this and wondering if these services are for them, I say: YES! They are and you should definitely try out these programs. -Colby V. California, USA

Faye has a beautiful way of interweaving hypnosis and energy work. She creates a relaxing environment that allowed me to transcend into the depths of my soul. She guided me in one of the most profound sessions of my life. I have done countless sessions and can say she is one of the best practitioners out there. -Shannon S. Arizona, USA

In the past, my experience with hypnotherapy was relaxing, almost too relaxing that I would doze off and not remember my session. When I met Fae in Sedona I decided to give it another try. So glad I did because she is amazing! We did intuitive hypnotherapy for spirit guide communication and enhancement of intuitive abilities. I learned so much in this session that I can’t wait to do it again. -Kim R. California, USA

I was told by several people that I should visit a hypnotherapist to work on some personal issues I've been struggling with. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be like what you see in the movies where someone hypnotize you, asks you a whole bunch of personal questions and you don't know what you told them. It wasn't like that at all. It was more like a VERY deep meditative state, deeper than any other meditation I've experienced, but I was still conscious and remember everything that happened. Fae really helped me dig down deep and realize things from a perspective I never knew was there. I’m very thankful for the profound experience and will definitely be using her again. -Bryan D. Arizona, USA


I had a hypnotherapy session with Faye. She is soothing, calm and empathic. She is also very well educated and knowledgeable, she took the time to teach me about the brain and how hypnotherapy works and to answer all of my questions. She really helped me uncover something that was negatively affecting my life that I would never have figured out on my own. When it entered my consciousness it made perfect sense. I look forward to doing more sessions with Faye, trying some of the other therapies she offers. -Jeanne C. Illinois, USA

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