meet Fae


Fae Anaya C.Ht.

Fae Anaya is an Intuitive Channel, Certified Hypnotherapist, Energetic Healing Practitioner and Teacher.


Always one to explore the depths and heights of conscious awareness, Fae enjoys merging her psychic abilities with her working knowledge of the mechanics of the mind to get to the root of whatever question, hindrance, or blockage you may be dealing with. It’s then through acceptance that anything (yes, really anything!) can be worked through and then released, reprogrammed, or transformed.


Fae knows the power of transformation first hand, having experienced it herself after healing from a traumatic and abusive childhood. She has now made it her mission to work with others on the path of self discovery, healing, and transformation.


Because her abilities are intrinsic to who she is, Fae allows intuition to guide all of her sessions, whether that be Hypnotherapy, Readings, or Energy Healing.


Fae’s ultimate goal is to guide you into living an inspired life; a life lived on purpose and with passion to the fullest potential.


Fae holds a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute’s residency program (750 hrs) and is attuned to the Usui Reiki Master frequency.


Fae is seeing clients in person in her Sedona AZ office. For those unable to travel to Sedona, appointments are also available via Zoom or telephone call.