Darkness and Pivoting

Updated: May 27, 2020

It seems that with the state of things, there are a lot of people in a dark place right now.

Darkness is an absence of light. Energetically speaking, Light is Love; fear is darkness.

Go into a dark room and light a candle. Where does the darkness go? Now go into a well lit room and try to make it dark.

People will say "be the light" but I say, “you already ARE the light.” No one has the power to snuff that light out. Only YOU can allow your own light to be (temporarily) snuffed out by the thoughts you entertain.

You are in control of only two things: 1. the thoughts you allow yourself to dwell on and 2. what you do about it.

Do you hold onto thoughts that cause you to feel anger, sadness, hatred? Did you know that you can learn ways to PIVOT your thoughts?

So how can you keep your light on when everything is feeling dark?

First, begin to observe the thoughts you dwell on; you’ll begin to notice the same ones on repeat.

Then when you find yourself holding onto thoughts that make your feel emotions such as anger, sadness, or despair—Catch yourself! Make it your intent to catch yourself mid thought and then PIVOT. Imagine an athlete pivoting, it’s the same thing with your thoughts. Consciously choose (and you may have to search for it at first) a new thought that makes you feel good (or at least neutral).

Now, focus all your attention on this new thought, this more aligned with your desires for your life, thought. This will likely be very uncomfortable at first. That’s OK, do it anyway!!!

And if those thoughts are REALLY persisting? Go scream into a pillow; because let's be real, those emotions need to be felt and sometimes screaming into a pillow actually feels really good.

Remember, seeking out someone to help with all this actually shows determination, resiliency, and strength.

Even hypnotherapists have hypnotherapists. I heard a psychiatrist say once that she would never trust another psychiatrist who wasn’t seeing either a coach or a therapist for themselves. I couldn’t agree more!

It’s time for us to release the stigma of seeking help. There is always help when you make it your intent to find it.

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