Updated: May 27, 2020

What comes to mind when you hear that word?

If you had asked me that years ago, I would have said, “nah, I don’t need it, no thanks.” But what I really would have meant was “I’m afraid of it.”

Why would I be afraid of it?

Because I would have to face myself.

We are SO busy. We run from one thing to the next. Never stopping to be aware or observant. I was the worst, if I wasn’t at work, the gym, or working on SOMETHING, I would be oh so restless. It was like I couldn’t sit still.

Be Still.

What?! No way!

Just the thought of it threatened my very being. What I didn’t realize was that I had allowed my ego to become my very being.

I hadn’t really met my higher self yet. I was too busy to hear my true voice -- the one voice that can offer that inner peace that everyone is searching so frantically for.

It was right under my nose that whole time. I was looking outside of myself for love and acceptance. I was so busy trying to find and acquire and latch onto those things, the thought of looking inside had never occurred to me.

Until one day years ago when I realized I was tired of being tired. I stopped for a moment to evaluate why I was so tired and I realized that being so busy hadn’t really gotten me anywhere! I was running in circles.

Close to that time, I was browsing through different books at Target and I felt drawn to a book titled “The untethered soul.” It had a picture of a horse running free on the beach, and I thought, “I’d really love to be free like that.”

So I opened the book up and started reading it right there in the middle of the aisle. The first page I opened to was the one that talks about the two voices in our heads. The never ending conversations we have in our heads with ourselves all throughout every single day.

The book asked, “which voice are you?” I thought, “OMG I don’t know!” And so I bought the book, which led me to something else and then something else and that whole year was spent connecting the dots to my existence.

The answer to “which voice are you?” is neither. You are the ONE who LISTENS to the other voices and their non-stop chatter. But you’ll never realize that until you Stop. Clear your mind. Shut the voices down for a minute. And Meditate.

It may not be easy to be still at first, but if you start with just 3 min a day observing rather than reacting to the thoughts in your head, a whole new world will begin to open up for you.

You'll see.

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