Change can be so uncomfortable...

Updated: May 27, 2020

Many people seem to operate from the belief that if something is uncomfortable, then it definitely isn't for them. Many people run away from discomfort seeing it as a bad thing; but did you know that as far as your mind is concerned, change is automatically uncomfortable?Change is seen as a threat to your homeostasis. Even if that homeostasis is the home of trauma, the subconscious seeks to remain the same, and so works to recreate the same patterns; and so history repeats itself.

Change is uncomfortable because the subconscious doesn’t know what it is and so, doesn’t know if it’s something to be feared or not.

For example, if you stopped smoking, gave up coffee, started working out, broke through a wall you had up, or did something you have never done before, it might not be so comfortable for a while as you build the connections for a new pattern to take root.

The key is to push through it! And constantly reassure your subconscious that it’s ok and there’s nothing to fear (this is where hypnosis becomes hugely valuable). You can talk to your body, talk to your mind, talk to your soul, talk to every part of you! Tell yourself the things you want to hear. Have compassion for that part of yourself that is resistant to change and then guide it along.

It CAN be done ❤️

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