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Updated: May 27, 2020

We are always practicing something…

I had a person reach out to me recently and said he had been practicing mindfulness and affirmations for a few weeks but nothing was changing. I asked him, “what else are you practicing?”

Everything in life is a practice. We are always practicing something. Most people practice unconsciousness about 95% of their day. Have you heard the statistic that most of the population is only using 5% of their consciousness? That’s what it means, most people are NOT present 95% of the time, they are on auto-pilot. And what is driving when you are on auto-pilot? Your programming, most of which comes from childhood.

Where is your attention? Are thinking about what could or should have been? Or perhaps your mind is on tonight, tomorrow or worrying about work or family or money or maybe you’re watching TV… I’m going to break it to you, you’re in that 95%

Where you focus your attention is where you are. Your POWER to create change is in the NOW. So maybe you do have a yoga, or mindfulness, or breath-work practice and that is FANTASTIC!!! But if you are not seeing the change you desire, what are you practicing during the rest of your day?

Can you even imagine what would happen if we all decided to pivot and started spending most of our day CONSCIOUS? In the NOW? I can assure you, the whole world would change very rapidly.

This is more than starting a new practice, this is starting a new way of BEing. And it’s not easy, I know. It can be damn near painful at times, BUT it is doable.

Did you know that anxiety does not exist in the now? When you are fully present anxiety literally disappears.

One of the easiest ways I have found to come back to the present is to close my eyes and listen to the sounds around me. Focus on your heartbeat and breathe. And as you breathe, see if you can ever so slightly slow your heart beat down. Maybe you can, or maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is going back to your breath, and focusing your attention on your heart… beating in your chest. Come back to your senses, it puts you back in your body, and back in the now.

By practicing being in the now, you are reclaiming your power to consciously create your reality!

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