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hypnosis 101


How Hypnosis Works and What It Can Do For You.

I’m going to tell you a story about two very different people with what seems like two very different issues, and what I am going to lay out for you is how they have one very important thing in common.


Let’s see if you can guess what it is! 


Rose would go from one abusive relationship to another, constantly wondering why she simply could not seem to find a good guy.


And then one glorious day, she met him. This guy put her on a pedestal and treated her like a princess. This was the very type of man she had always hoped to meet.


But it didn’t last. Rose began to push him away and she didn’t even know she was doing it! She could not understand why she was not happy in this ideal relationship. When she considered how much more comfortable she was in her old relationships, she began to wonder if this new guy was right for her at all.


John had struggled with his weight for as long as he can remember. He would periodically start a new healthy eating habit or a new workout regime and lose 15, 20, or even 30 pounds, but it never seemed to last. 


John’s enthusiasm for eating healthy and exercising normally fizzles out within a few weeks and eventually he is right back where he started, seeing those numbers on the scale going up again instead of down.


Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard for some people to start a new habit, change a certain pattern or behavior, or create a new way of being?


Between birth and right around the age of 7 we are wide open sponges, taking in and observing, mirroring and matching our caregivers. Most children are full of wonder and enthusiasm for life when they are very young. 


We are innocents and because we are not old enough to know any better, we take in what is said and done to us as absolute truth, and this subsequently forms the basis for our core beliefs. Those core beliefs are made up of our known associations; what we know to be true from our perspective. We will simply call such known associations which make up our core beliefs, our knowns.


Rose grew up with a father that was verbally and emotionally abusive towards her mother. He would constantly berate, criticize and belittle her mom. Rose grew up observing this and it became one of her knowns.


Later on in life, Rose began to mirror and match that model of behavior in her own relationships. To Rose, the abuse was actually somewhat normal because it was all she had ever known. She had no concept of what a loving and healthy relationship could be like, and because of that, this new relationship with the guy that treated her right became uncomfortable, and so she began to doubt it.


John grew up with parents who brought home a steady supply of junk food. He was regularly put in front of the TV for hours and fed soda, chips, and microwaveable dinners. 

Junk food and sitting around is a known for John. He has no concept of what it would be like to enjoy a salad or a go for a routine run in the morning.


John wants to be healthy just like Rose wants to be in a loving relationship, but much like Rose, maintaining that new state of being becomes uncomfortable and he falls back into his old way of being.


Have you ever known a person that hung onto an old worn-out sweater just because it was so comfortable? 


From our core beliefs springs forth our thought patterns, habits, ways of being, and fears. This forms the automatic consensus patterns of the subconscious mind- how we will view ourselves from the inside out.


It is generally accepted that the subconscious (auto pilot programming) makes up about 88-95% of a person's mind. This leaves in the best of cases 12% and sometimes only 5% to the conscious mind  (which includes your logic and reasoning abilities, decision making skills, and your will power to set the course of your life). What THAT means is that a person will generally spend 88-95% of their day operating from old programming. 


In the case of Rose and John, that 5-12% of their conscious mind desired a change so strongly that they sought that change out. The reason that change didn’t stick is because they were up against the subconscious 88-95% ! 


Which one do YOU think would win out in that case?… Exactly, the known way of being, time and time again.


Your subconscious mind shapes your reality. In order to truly change your life, it is necessary to change the programming held in the subconscious. 


With Hypnosis, we go to that 88-95% and create new knowns. New neural pathways are created to support the desire for change held in the conscious mind. We introduce a new way of being and create a comfortable feeling surrounding it. This desired change then becomes your new state of being, it becomes your new known.


It took Rose a little while to feel safe and comfortable in a healthy relationship but in the end she ended up marrying her new guy. She’d be the first to tell you that she can’t even remember what drew her to those ex-boyfriends to begin with.


And as for John? He can be seen at the gym about 4 days a week. And while he may never enjoy running… circuit training has become his newfound sense of well being.


Did you guess what Rose and John and countless others have in common? They were both trying to create a new way of being without involving the subconscious mind. And THAT is why for most people, it simply does not work in the long run. 


With hypnotherapy, we work with that 88-95% to bring about the change you desire and together we have 100% of your mind power to create the change you desire.


So how about you, have you ever had the desire to change or start something new but just couldn’t seem to make it happen?


Send me a message. Let’s talk.

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